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Prick Teasing and Cock Control Phone Sex

Princess Loves Sugar Daddies and Money Piggies!

I’ve always been a spoiled princess and a brat. I know how to use my sexy young body to make your dick hard, your mind weak, and your money MINE and I love doing it. I’ll tease you and deny you over and over again until I’ve drained your account and maxed out your credit cards and that’s just the beginning. The buzz will wear off but you won’t be able to stop thinking about me… those pictures… that voice… and it begins again. The addiction starts here.

Three ways to spoil your sweet little money lusting barely legal blonde temptress…

1. Call Me at a higher rate

The ultimate cock teasing, wallet draining princess line — I’ll tease you until your cock is throbbing and make you pay, beg, and pay some more — just to stoke it. The harder it gets, the more control I have… Spoil your Princess while you get off.


ext 024-284-15

2. Send Me Money — Tributes, ‘click 2 stroke,’ PTV mail games

Send me money using NiteFlirt’s tribute feature by clicking here or click these buttons and send me money from your NiteFlirt account via Pay-to-View mail and see if you don’t get a little teasing surprise…

If you aren’t a member of NiteFlirt, it just takes a minute to sign up as you make your first call or tribute.

3. E-Gift Certificates — It’s so easy to send me e-gift certificates to my email ~ I like certificates from Sephora, American Apparel, Nordstrom, and lots of other places.

I’m Waiting…


Cock Tease Phone Sex
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ext 023-717-50
Spoil Me!
Call Me on NiteFlirt
ext 024-284-15


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