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cock teasing tiffany Hello Boys!

I'm just a sweet, sexy girl from the West Coast. I'm definitely a cock tease -- especially when it comes to older guys -- but I have a slutty side too. I love to be spoiled and pampered like a princess but I can get down and dirty. Let's have some fun!

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Welcome, NiteFlirt guys

Prick Teasing and Cock Control Phone Sex

Hey guys,

I just thought I would write a little welcome post to the guys that are finding my sexy blog through NiteFlirt. I just noticed in my stats that I’ve had some visitors from over there so… Welcome 🙂 You’ll find out a little more about me here but stay tuned for lots more “stuff” coming soon including more teasing pics and videos, and lots of naughty stories about what I’m getting up to with this phone sex thing.

I’ve been getting lots of calls on NiteFlirt from guys with tiny little dicklets which makes sense because it’s not like any of them can get any pussy. I think it’s funny that most of these guys freely admit that they are small, and even get off on it when I tease them. I can’t really help it because I’ve seen some of them show off their little wieners on cam and all I can do is giggle. I would think it would be really embarrassing and humiliating to have a hot girl laugh at your tiny little shrimp dick but the funniest part is that most of the time just hearing me laugh will make a guy’s little inch-worm grow a little. Not enough to make a difference, just enough to show that the perv is turned on by my teasing.

If you think what you’ve got can entertain me, whether it’s a giggle over how small it is, or a moan as you slide your thick dick into me, I want to hear from you. Have a little look around my site, check out my pix, bookmark me for future reference, and call me up because I want to make you cock hard and you want to make me happy 🙂

Teenage Tiffany Barely Legal Phone Sex Cock Tease
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